Token: Germany Army The Forum Cinema, Jersey (Counterfeit)  1941
Token: Germany Army The Forum Cinema, Jersey (Counterfeit) 1941

This is a large copper token the size of a US silver dollar (38 mm diameter) used, supposedly, for German soldiers to enter the Forum Cinema (movie theater) on the islands of Jersey and Guernsey in the English Channel.

'Heer ausweiss' means 'Army ID card' or 'Army badge.'

The British de-militarized and evacuated the Channel Islands and Germany captured them in 1941. The islands were liberated in 1945. The picture shows German soldiers in Jersey. It was used for propaganda.

Damien Horn of The Channel Islands Military Museum in Jersey sent us this informative note (thanks, Damien!):

'The Jersey Forum token you have listed is a fantasy item ... 1 of 12 different tokens produced in the late 1960's or early 1970's in the USA. They are all fantasy pieces ... not even reproduction items. No such tokens ever existed here on the island of Jersey during the German occupation.'

These modern fakes can be found on eBay and around the Internet selling at retail prices like this:

worn: $5 US dollars
average circulated: $10
well preserved: $25

which is way too much for a modern fake. Don't be fooled.

Mal, of Mal's Tokens, has a page with all these spurious tokens. To see this page, click to this link [Click Here] and be sure to check out the entirety of Mal's site. It's an amazing collection of tokens and knowledge.

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