Ancient Rome Syracuse, Sicily Dekadrachm (Counterfeit)  405BC to 380BC
Ancient Rome Syracuse, Sicily Dekadrachm (Counterfeit) 405BC to 380BC

Andre sent us a picture of his neat ancient coin from Sicily. The fish (dolphins) and horses indicate Syracuse 405 to 380 BC. Unfortunately, Andre's coin is a fake. It is probably meant to mimic something like the genuine coin in the picture below from the ForumAncientCoins web site with the following description: SICILY, Syracuse. Deinomenid Tyranny. 485-466 BC. AR Tetradrachm. Struck under Hieron I, circa 475-470 BC. Charioteer driving slow quadriga right, holding kentron and reins; above, Nike flying right, crowning horses with wreath / Diademed head of Arethusa right, wearing single-pendant earring and necklace; four dolphins around.

The genuine silver coin sells retail in the neighborhood of $3000 to $6000 US dollars. But Andre's fake coin, alas, is worth zero.

An excellent resource for coins like this is the Fake Report section of ForumAncientCoins. Click here to view a fake report for this coin.

As always, CoinQuest is very grateful for the use of photos from ForumAncientCoins.

Coin: 13540 , Genre: Ancient
Requested by: André, Sat, 12-Jan-2013 13:35:16 GMT
Answered by: Paul, Fri, 20-Sep-2013 00:33:12 GMT
Reviewed by CoinQuest. Appraisal ok., Tue, 30-Dec-2014 14:56:34 GMT
Requester description: My sister found in Syria (1990's) what looks to be a very old coin presenting on one side a profile of a greek man with fishes and on the other side a chariot with 4 horses. It looks made of bronze. (Note: Andre sent us a picture of his coin.)
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We found the exact same coin on the North Country trail in Allegany State Park. This page says it is a fake, and the exact match could be found on the fake coin report. I followed the link, registered, and searched. The coins on the fake coin report are similar, but have either the angel or 3 legs above the chariot, and different prints along the bottom. I did not see an exact match to the coin in this picture. I am sure it is probably a replica of some sort, but would like to know it's actual origins. How one was found in Syria in the 1990s, and another on the North Country trail in Allegany State Park in western New York in 2015. Just very curious. - David Cano
David -- There are a lot of different fakes of this coin. If you would like to send pictures of yours, please do. Use the Contact button at the top of the home page to start an e-mail exchange. -- Our wording was misleading on the original page. The coin in the upper-left picture is not the picture we received from Andre. We fixed the text. Thanks. - CoinQuest (Paul)




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