Token: Great Britain Royal Mint  1970 to 1999
Token: Great Britain Royal Mint 1970 to 1999

It was kind of a shame. The Brits left their old system of coinage with romantic-sounding names like farthing, penny, sixpence, shilling, florin, crown, and sovereign for the cold, modern pence-and-pound decimal system of today. 1970 was the last year under the old system, and the Royal mint issued a special 1970 proof set with the old denominations. In that proof set, pictured on the right, was a square token with Elizabeth R (R = regina, queen) and Royal Mint on either side, with crowns and the UK coat of arms. Joseph has one of these tokens, apparently without the proof set. The mint produced them between 1970 and 1999.

As to value, the 1970 proof sets themselves sell on the open market for 10 to 20 Great Britain pounds (GBP), or about 15 to 30 US dollars (USD).

Once in a while you see the tokens sold separately on eBay. They net about $2 US dollars or so.

If collectors pay $2 for a stand-alone token, a dealer would probably pay 50 cents for it. The $1.50 mark up is commonplace for low-value items which do not have much collector demand.

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Requester description: 1970 square coin, (front) a detailed crown covering half of the top, under that it says: Elizabeth R 1970 (back) has a square in the middle with four panels with other things in them, three lions on top of each other, one lion standing, harp, three lions on top of each other. there is the same crown (but smaller) as on the front, a castel on the left of that, a circel on the right. underneith the square it says: ROYAL MINT, it says that on a ribon (there are two blotches in the holes of the small crown).
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