Philippines 5 Piso  1975 to 1982
Philippines 5 Piso 1975 to 1982

ANG BAGONG LIPUNAN, The New Society, is a name given to Philippino money from the Central Bank of the Philippines. These coins are made of nickel and bear the likeness of Ferdinand E. Marcos, tenth President of the Philippines.

The photo here is a proof coin with mirror-like fields and frosty devices. They make nice gifts and are collected by collectors who like modern coins. A typical retail sale price for a proof specimen is $8 US dollars. Non-proofs sell for much less.

Coin: 13672 , Genre: Islamic Hindu Buddhist
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Requester description: 1975 ang bagong lipunan setyembre 21, 1972 pangulong ferdinand e. marcos republka ng pilipinas 5 peso
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magkano po benta ng 1 piso old coin 1975 to 1982?
just contact me on this # *********.. if you're interested.. - roselyn yude
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