Great Britain 25 New Pence (Charles and Diana)  1981
Great Britain 25 New Pence (Charles and Diana) 1981

The official denomination of this large UK coin is '25 new pence.' But that hardly matters. It was issued in celebration of the wedding of Prince Charles and Lady Diana in 1981.

There are two versions: a normal business strike in copper-nickel and a proof strike for collectors in silver. Almost 27 million were struck, so there is no shortage of these coins. Typical prices for the business strike run from $1 to $5 US dollars, depending on condition and eye appeal.

The proof version contains 0.841 troy ounces of silver. If silver is selling, say, for $15 per troy ounce, the proof coin is worth 0.841 x 15 = $12.62. Be sure to look up the current price of silver, it changes every day.

We have another page for another Diana commemorative at this CoinQuest link.

Coin: 13678 , Genre: Colonizers and Colonies
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