Medieval Germany Bavaria Donauworth Thaler  1540 to 1550
Medieval Germany Bavaria Donauworth Thaler 1540 to 1550

Donauworth is a city in Bavaria, Germany. The city, as a free political entity in the 1500s, issued its own coinage. Jesus has a sample of a half thaler from Donauworth, and these are valuable coins. He should take his coin to a knowledgeable collector or coin dealer for an in-person appraisal

The coin in our picture comes from Heritage Auctions where it sold for about $500 in 2009. This gives an idea of the value of these coins. In better condition it would be worth more. CoinQuest thanks Heritage for use of their coin photo.

Typical catalog values run as follows. These apply to all dates of both thalers and half thalers.

worn: $250 US dollars approximate catalog value
average circulated: $600
well preserved: $1400

Congrats, Jesus, on your nice coin. There is a similar coin from a neighboring city at this CoinQuest link.

Coin: 13740 , Genre: Central Europe North South
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