Medal: Israel Peace Egypt Treaty (Sadat, Begin, Carter)  1979
Medal: Israel Peace Egypt Treaty (Sadat, Begin, Carter) 1979

This may or may not be your medal, Amber. You quote 'The Lord lift up His countenance' and this medal quotes 'I will give peace in the land.' There are many, many different designs of Sadat/Begin/Carter peace medals. The one shown (from Israel) is the most popular, and it comes in copper, silver, and gold. The design suggests the sun rising over Mount Sinai, with 'Peace' written in Hebrew, Arabic, and English. There is a 1980 Egyptian medal with one full troy pound (12 troy ounces) of silver.

I have been unable to find a medal with the 'countenance' verse. Regardless of the Bible verse on the medal, all designs are worth approximately their metal content. Extra-nice artwork and extra-special sentimental value may push the price up a bit, but the primary value driver is the precious metal:

ISRAEL COPPER MEDAL SHOWN: 0 troy ounces gold or silver
ISRAEL SILVER MEDAL SHOWN: 3.45 troy ounces silver
ISRAEL GOLD MEDAL SHOWN: 0.868 troy ounces gold

Use web sites such a to find the current value of silver and gold. Look it up now -- it changes every day.

Copper medals sell for about $5 US dollars
Silver medals sell for about silver value plus $10
Gold medals sell for about gold value plus $50

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Requested by: Amber Hubbard, Sat, 02-Feb-2013 13:49:57 GMT
Answered by: Paul, Sun, 03-Feb-2013 02:29:43 GMT
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Requester description: 1979 Israel Egypt peace treaty Jimmy Carter Sadat Begin. The lord lift up his countenance and give the peace. March 26, 1979. Washington, D.C. Israel Egypt 427 on outer ring.
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