Medal: US In Tempestate Securitas
Medal: US In Tempestate Securitas

At one point in the Bible (Mark 4:36) Jesus and His disciples are crossing the Sea of Galilee in a boat when a great storm arises. Unmoved, Jesus sleeps in the back of the boat until the men, terrified, wake Him. A few words from Jesus and all is well again, accompanied by the quiet question 'where is your faith, men?' In other words, it is a 'security in the storm' moment. For this medal, IN TEMPESTATE SECURITAS is Latin for 'security in the weather.'

On the other side of the medal is patron saint George (S GEORGIVS PATRONVS) on his horse (EQVITVM) slaying a dragon, a Christian tradition adapted from Eastern Orthodoxy.

These medals have been produced through the years in many sizes, shapes, and designs. The one in our primary picture is particularly detailed and made out of pure silver. Our secondary pictures show examples in common base metal and in rare gold.

Condition makes a big difference to the value of this medal. A Google image search on the word TEMPESTATE produces lots of hits for this medal, and researching selling prices for typical medals gives these approximate values:

worn: $2 US dollars
well preserved: $50

worn: $35
well preserved: $75

worn: $300
well preserved: $500

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Requester description: INTEMPESTATE SECVRLTAS (and a picture of what seems to be a ship in a storm, tiny figure can be seen) S GEORGIVS EQVITVM PATRONVS (picture of warrior on a horse engaged in battle, spearing something beneath him)
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