Portugal 40 Reis  1811 to 1825
Portugal 40 Reis 1811 to 1825

These 40 reis coins, colloquially known as 'patacos', were issued by King Joao of Portugal between 1811 and 1825. It is very difficult to find well preserved examples, and condition means a great deal to value. The 1815 date is rare and there are a few other nuances described below. Here are typical catalog values:

worn: $7 US dollars approximate catalog value
average circulated (like our picture): $60
well preserved: $165
coins dated 1825 are less common in higher grades and catalog at $230 when well preserved

worn: $25
average circulated: $300
well preserved: $800

Further, note that there are two designs for the crowned globe on the back of the coin. One is a 'tall globe' and one is a 'round globe.' The tall design generally appears on coins dated before 1820 and the round globe appears after that. But, if you can find a tall globe on a coin dated 1821 or 1823, then you have a more valuable piece, as follows:

1821 OR 1823 COINS WITH TALL GLOBE (values for round globe are shown above)
worn: $50 US dollars approximate catalog value
average circulated (like our picture): $200
well preserved: $550

Coin: 13887 , Genre: Colonizers and Colonies
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