Germany Bamberg 4 Kreuzer (Batzen)  1696 to 1716
Germany Bamberg 4 Kreuzer (Batzen) 1696 to 1716

The town of Bamberg is 32 miles north of Nurnberg. At the time this coin was produced, Bamberg was a bishopric, that is, an area ruled by a bishop, founded in 1007 by Emperor Saint Heinrich (IMPERATOR S HEINRICVS). Heinrich's likeness appears on many of the coins of Bamberg. Tom's 4 kreuzer comes from a time when Lothar Franz (LOTHAR FRANC) was the bishop of Bamberg.

These 4 kreuzers are more available than one would expect. Here is what the catalogs say:

worn: $15 US dollars approximate catalog value
average circulated: $75
well preserved: $150

The coin in our picture comes from one of our favorite dealers in such material, Beast Coins in New Berlin, Wisconsin USA.

Coin: 13922 , Genre: Central Europe North South
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Requester description: 1698 IMPERATOR S HEINRICVS -image Bishop neard shoulder length hair crown on head staff in hand cross with circlr below with '4' in circle obverse G.A.&e. ?? E. BA MB 16 {cross on top of crown separates 98 LOTHAR. FRANC image crown/ circle images of discernable quality. ridges around inside edge coin thank you
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