South Africa Rand (Silver or Nickel, with Springbok)  1965 to 1985
South Africa Rand (Silver or Nickel, with Springbok) 1965 to 1985

South Africa has issued many different versions of their popular 'rand' coins, especially in recent years. This page applies to a subset of these coins with:

1. Round shape
2. Springbok (antelope)
3. Color of silver or nickel (not gold)
4. Inscription Soli Deo Gloria (Glory to God alone)

Many of these coins have a national coat of arms on the reverse side, as shown in our picture, but some years carry other reverse images, especially of people important to South African history.

Many of these coins are made of silver, and that gives them significant value. Others, with the same characteristics (1 through 4 above) are made of nickel. The nickel coins are worth essentially zero.

1965 to 1976: All coins made of silver with 0.386 troy ounces
1977 to 1990: Some coins made of 0.386 troy ounces of silver and some coins made of nickel

If you have a coin dated after 1976, check the weight using a jeweler's scale:

Coins that weigh 15.0 grams are made of silver
Coins that weigh 12.0 grams are made of nickel

Sometimes you can differentiate silver from nickel just by looking at the coin. Some people claim they can hear the difference when the coins are dropped on a hard surface. The weight method (15 vs 12 grams) is the sure-fire approach.

If you have a silver coin, look up the current value of silver at then multiply that value by 0.386. The result is the value of your coin.

Note: Some rands are made in proof versions. Proofs are coins made especially for collectors. They may be worth slightly more than silver value alone.

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