Medal: US So-Called Wilson Dollar  1920
Medal: US So-Called Wilson Dollar 1920

There has been a lot of chatter in numismatic (coin collecting) circles about this neat coin issued to commemorate the opening of the Manila Mint, the U.S. Mintís branch in the Philippines. There are comprehensive and interesting articles about this coin on Coin World and on Collectors Society web sites.

The silver example in our picture comes from Stacks Bowers where is sold in 2011 for $1850 US dollars. The coin in our secondary picture sold for $80, and that gives you a good idea of the change in value with condition and eye appeal. A bronze example would be worth closer to the $80 figure when in pristine condition.

Dan, you say your coin is minted in gold, but this is highly unlikely. The Coin World article says that only 5 gold coins are known. If you have one of them, that would be a *big deal* in numismatics today. The gold ones sell near the $30000 dollar mark and it would take professional authentication to prove that your coin is not a fake or a gold-plated silver coin. If you would like to send pictures of your coin to CoinQuest, we might be able to figure out if you have a real coin or a fake. Use the Contact Us link to start an e-mail exchange.

As always, CoinQuest thanks Stacks Bowers for use of their coin photo. It is a nice one!

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Requester description: 1920 Front-President of the united states Back- TO COMMEMORATE THE OPENING OF THE MINT BOTTOM BACK-MANILA PI 1920
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