Australia 3 Pence  1938 to 1964
Australia 3 Pence 1938 to 1964

This coin is made of silver, but the pictures shows one that has taken on spiffy gold toning. Most collectors do not like toned coins, but some do.

These coins bear the likeness of George VI until 1953 when Elizabeth II appears. Their silver content changes as follows:

1938 to 1946: 0.042 troy ounces silver
1947 yo 1964: 0.023 troy ounces silver

Just about all of these coins are worth base value, that is, they are worth their weight in silver. To find the current silver price, go to

There are a few good dates. In the listings below, the value after the date is for coins in well preserved condition.

1938: $8 US dollars
1939: $10
1940: $10
1941: $8
1942 without D mint mark: $250
1947: $10
1953: $5
1954: $5

Coin: 14109 , Genre: Colonizers and Colonies
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