Token: US Thomas Jefferson
Token: US Thomas Jefferson

Arguably the brains behind the founding of the United States, Thomas Jefferson is honored in many ways. This modern token bears his likeness and a summary of major achievements.

When in beautiful condition like the one in our picture, this token may fetch close to $10 US dollars retail. Most you see are worn or damaged and are worth far less.

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Requester description: 1809 front 1809 Thomas Jefferson 1809 Third president of the united states back Thomas Jefferson born apr 13 1743 a great intellectual author of the declaration of independence defender of religious fredom founder of u of va died july 4 1826 none
Tags: token us usa thomas jefferson tokens toke front third president united states state apr great author declaration independence defender defend religious fredom freedom founder va died die july 4 presidents presidencial pres presidential prasident presidente stated stets stato stado staate statehood tates religous founders dice


I have this coin in excellent condition. And I know its worth more than $10. I'm going for the highest bidder. - C. Braxton Jr.
There is only one sure-fire method for finding out what your coin is worth: put it up for auction in a place where there are many interested bidders. EBay is a good place for tokens like this. There is a mammoth collector base on eBay, and coins always reach actual market value. If you get more than $10, write and let us know. Hope you do! But watch out. The one at this link [Press Here] sold for only 99 cents, but the seller charged almost $5 for shipping. - CoinQuest (Paul)

I have of them and I want to no the vaule of it. - carlos
Value is $10 if in the condition shown in our picture. Worn tokens are worth about $1. You have to judge the condition of your token and estimate value somewhere between $1 and $10. - CoinQuest (Paul)

I have serveral of these coins in mint condition. They are not chiped in sort of way and the reading is very clear. I agree with the others, I will take my chances and place them somewhere for others to see and may the highest bidder be my quest. - Monique DC
Good luck Monique! - CoinQuest (Todd)




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