Ancient Rome Gordian Sestertius  225AD to 244AD
Ancient Rome Gordian Sestertius 225AD to 244AD

Wikipedia: Gordian III (Latin: Marcus Antonius Gordianus Pius Augustus; 20 January 225 - 11 February 244), was Roman Emperor from 238 to 244. At the age of 13, he became the youngest sole legal Roman emperor throughout the existence of the united Roman Empire.

Oodles of ancient coins were issued by Gordian III. The one we have chosen is a sestertius with Jupiter on the reverse. Typical catalog values for this sestertius run like this:

worn: $60 US dollars approximate catalog value
average circulated: $150
well preserved: $300

(Note to inquirer Mark: You gave us no further information about your coin, so we chose this sestertius. If yours is different, re-submit your request and describe the images front and back as best you can.)

Our secondary picture shows a well preserved specimen with a radiate head design. It is made of billon, and ancient combination of copper and silver.

The full inscription reads:

IMP: Imperator, army leader
GORDIANVS: Gordianus
PIVS: Pius, pious
FEL: Felix, happy
AVG: Augustus, emperor

CoinQuest thanks ForumAncientCoins for use of their coin photo.

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Requester description: Cordianus Pius Fel Avg on front. Some writing on back.
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