Medal: US Fake Gold - Metal Arts Co. (Counterfeit)  1913 to 1967
Medal: US Fake Gold - Metal Arts Co. (Counterfeit) 1913 to 1967

This coin is highly suspect. It says it contains one ounce of fine gold, but it is very likely a fake. Counterfeiting is a big problem today in coin collecting, and this coin has all the appearances of a counterfeit scam.

It is clearly meant to imitate a South African krugerrand gold coin, but genuine coins bear the likeness of Paul Kruger, State President of the South African Republic from 1883 to 1900. Our page on genuine krugerrands appears at this link. There is no government issuing authority on this coin. If it came from South Africa, it would say so. Instead, the issuing authority is said to be The Metal Arts Co, which may or may not refer to the corporation by that name in Rochester, NY USA.

The actual value of this piece is probably $2 US dollars. If it turns out to be counterfeit, it is illegal to own.

Side-by-side comparisons do not always detect counterfeit coins. Some counterfeits are so good, only a professional authenticator using sophisticated tools can tell for sure. In this case any amateur can tell that this is not a genuine krugerrand.

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Requester description: 1967 the front has the metal arts co. 1913 with a picture of a woman that has a crown on her head that says liberty. the back has an antelope with krugerrand fyngoud 1 ounce fine gold and 1967
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