Venezuela 10 Bolivares  1973
Venezuela 10 Bolivares 1973

Wow, what an original design this coin has! Yes Mark, the reverse is meant to be 'upside-down' from the obverse. This is in fact known as 'coin alignment', as opposed to 'medal alignment' where both sides of the coin have the same orientation. Some coins have one alignment, some coins have the other, but countries are generally pretty consistent in using the same alignment for all their coins.

This coin is made from .900 pure silver, and weighs in at a hefty 30 grams - that means it contains a nice 0.8680 troy ounces of silver. Using a website such as, you can find the current price of silver; it fluctuates from day to day. Right now the price of silver is $23.59 US dollars per troy ounce. Multiply by the amount of silver in the coin, and you have its base silver value. Currently, the silver in the coin is worth $23.59 x 0.8680 troy oz = $20.48 US dollars. This will be the value of most coins.

However, these coins were minted only during one year in a somewhat low mintage, and thus coins that are fully uncirculated can fetch up to $30 from a collector if they have good eye appeal. Mint state coins that have been professionally graded will sell at upwards of $40, or even more if the eye appeal is exceptional.

The values cited in the previous paragraph are only approximate, and a coin with any problems such as cleanings, stains, scratches, nicks or gouges will only be worth the value of the silver in the coin.

There exist a few rare varieties of this coin, the description of which is beyond the scope of CoinQuest, but they are all very valuable. If you find that the your coin looks just slightly different from our picture, it would be wise to take the coin to a coin shop for an appraisal.

Coin: 14228 , Genre: Colonizers and Colonies
Requested by: Mark, Tue, 16-Apr-2013 10:04:03 GMT
Answered by: Paul, Sat, 04-May-2013 12:49:14 GMT
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Requester description: 1973 SIDE 1: REPUBLICA DE VENEZUELA 10 BOLIVARES 30 GRAM. 1973 LEY 900. (To the left of the main inscription the coat of arms of Venezuela, depicting a horse running right, flags and a bunch of hay/barley etc.) SIDE 2: 1873 1973 SIMON BOLIVAR BARRE (A SIDE PROFILE OF SIMON BOLIVAR ON THE RIGHT SIDE OF THE COIN, FACING LEFT WITH THE LETTERS BARRE UNDERNEATH) OUTSIDE EDGE: CENTENARIO DE LA EFICILE DEL LIBERTADOR EN LA MONEOA Possible error: (I don't know whether its important to note that the back is inverted or upside down in relation to the front of the coin, or if this is standard) I'd also like to thank you for my previous appraisal it is a very useful service you're providing and I'm very grateful.
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