India Mughal Dam and 1/2 Dam coins of Aurangzeb  1658 to 1707
India Mughal Dam and 1/2 Dam coins of Aurangzeb 1658 to 1707

Ritesh, while you did not provide much information about your coin, you did mention that the inscriptions are in Urdu, which was the language of the Mughal empire in 1665 - the date that you mention.

In 1665, Aurangzeb, or 'Abul Muzaffar Muhi-ud-Din Mohammad Aurangzeb' (A real mouthful of a name!) was the emperor of the Mughal empire. He ruled from 1658 until his death in 1707. Aurangzeb had coins minted in precious metals as well as copper. The copper denominations were one Dam and one half Dam.

By looking at both catalog values for copper Dams minted in the Mughal calendar year of 1075 (Western date 1665), as well as the prices of coins that were successfully sold through coin auction websites, we can provide the following very approximate values for copper half-Dams and Dams minted in the name of Aurangzeb:

worn: $4 US Dollars approximate value
average circulated: $7
well preserved: $30

We do not know if any uncirculated coins copper coins of this emperor exist. It is not likely that any have survived for over three hundred years without wear. If you do have an uncirculated coin that you believe to be minted in the name of Aurangzeb, it would be wise to take it to a coin shop where a professional numismatist can take a look at the coin.

Remember that the values on this page are only approximate, and that they only apply to coins that are free of any defacing issues such as being bent, holed or harshly cleaned. Such problems reduce the value severely.

In this context, 'harshly cleaned' means that the coin has been roughly scrubbed so that the high points of the design are a very shiny, bright orange-red, while the lowest points of the design remain the 'true' color, i.e. a medium-dark reddish brown. It is normal for the high points to be a bit brighter than the low points, but it is important that they are not incredibly reflective and strongly orange.

Coin: 14239 , Genre: Islamic Hindu Buddhist
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