Mexico 1000 Pesos (Juana de Asbaie)  1988 to 1992
Mexico 1000 Pesos (Juana de Asbaie) 1988 to 1992

These large coins are made of aluminum-bronze, not gold. They are worth a few US cents. A collector will pay a few US dollars to add an uncirculated specimen to his or her collection.

Coin: 14241 , Genre: Colonizers and Colonies
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Requester description: 1988 woman wearing a vail small pitchure bottom of face bird and a rainbow 1988 $1000 m beside her head and on back estados unidos mexicanos an eagel with a snake in mouth $1000
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I have one of these coins too and am trying to get rid of it, I went to a pawn shop and had it checked and they said it was worth over $70 dollars so most of thses sources could possibly be fake - Stephan
$70 is a great deal. These coins are not made of gold and they are worth a few US cents. If these coins were actually made of gold, they would NOT be worth only $70 US dollars, but $587 according to today's gold prices. If you somehow have a jewelry piece struck in real gold made to look like a 1000 pesos from Mexico dated 1988 to 1992, then it would be worth over $500, and $70 would be a bad deal! My suggestion is to take the coin to a coin shop, NOT a pawn shop. Such locations are notorious for offering coin owners much, much less than what their coins are really worth. It's a fantastic way to get ripped off. - CoinQuest (Chris)

I just found one of these 1000$pesos coin in my olf money collection(over 50 countries). If I go sell it at a bank,in Mexico, they should give me whatever is the exchange rate,ain't that right??? Which should be around 80-85USD dollars
1000 of today's Mexican pesos are worth $73 US dollars. These coins are not worth 1000 of today's pesos. They are worth 1000 old pesos. These were revalued 1000-to-1. The New Peso was introduced on January 1st 1993. Any Mexican peso from before that is an old peso. That means that if you go to a bank with one of these coins, you will get 73 US cents, not 73 dollars! - CoinQuest (Chris)




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