Vietnam 5 Dong  1966 to 1971
Vietnam 5 Dong 1966 to 1971

These coins are difficult to find in good condition. The one in our picture has a stain on the '5 Dong' side and that lowers value substantially. These are modern coins made of copper-nickel (1966 coins) and steel (1971 coins), so their prices are very low.

worn: less than $1 US dollar catalog value
average circulated: less than $1
well preserved: $1
fully uncirculated: $5

Coin: 14348 , Genre: The Sinosphere
Requested by: Amanda, Sat, 27-Apr-2013 07:50:19 GMT
Answered by: Paul, Sat, 27-Apr-2013 12:38:57 GMT
Reviewed by CoinQuest. Appraisal ok., Mon, 13-Apr-2015 13:48:08 GMT
Requester description: 1966 Front:Viet-nam Cong-Hoa around the top sides, 5 in the middle and DONG under the (5) \ Back:NGAN-HANG QUOC-GIA VIET-NAM, rice stalks in the middle, 1966 on the very bottom. This coin is NOT round. The edges are wavy all the way around, as if a flower. Has (8) bulging 'petals' (I dont know any other way of describing this coin). 5 DONG
Tags: vietnam 5 dong front viet nam cong hoa ngan hang quoc gia rice stalks stalk round wavy wave way flower 8 petals petal i hangs hanging waving waive wavey waves florets blossom fler fleurs lises leis lisse flur folwers stems trefoils floral lily orchid posy bouquet flowers fllower flour bud lilly fleur bloomed trefoil floret floer stem flowery lilys fluer fleures pedals petels branch leaves leaf twigs sprig braches limb twig sprays sprigs branching branches branched leafs leave leaved leafed leafy leavs


I have one that's not stained in really good condition. How is it worth and who do I need to contact. - NANCY
Please read the page. You can sell coins like yours on the web site. - CoinQuest (Paul)




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