World Indent (Uniface) Error (Minting error)
World Indent (Uniface) Error (Minting error)

Tink Belle sent us this picture of her unusual Jefferson nickel. The heads side looks completely blurred, while the tails side looks just fine. What in the world is this coin?

Minting error specialist Mike Byers of Mike Byers Numismatics says such errors are worth between $50 and $75 US dollars. Not bad, seeing that the coin cost Tink only 5 cents!

When minting machines are stamping out new coins, sometimes two coin blanks find their way into the part of the machine that squeezes patterns into them. A raw blank coin is called a planchet and the machinery that impresses it is called a die. Two planchets between the two dies creates two indent errors, one of which is Tink's coin.

Great find!

Coin: 1437 , Genre: Errors
Requested by: Tink Belle, Wed, 30-Sep-2009 01:53:35 GMT
Answered by: Paul, Wed, 15-Aug-2012 13:35:54 GMT
Reviewed by CoinQuest. Appraisal ok., Sat, 24-Oct-2015 20:42:36 GMT
Requester description: The coin is all blurred and fuzzy on one side, perfect on the other.
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