US Presidential Dollar  2007 to Date
US Presidential Dollar 2007 to Date

Crystal, I love your wishful thinking but your coin is not made of gold, and it is not from 1877. It is a modern coin and it is made from copper. It has a fancy manganese-brass cladding, which gives it that shiny golden look.

The real date is actually on the edge of this coin. The Rutherford B. Hayes dollar was issued in 2011.

These coins are a good example of why you can't always trust coin catalogs. If you ask NGC, a reputed coin grading company, these coins are 'worth' $1.15 even in well worn condition!

In reality, these coins are worth exactly what it says on them - one US dollar.

This edge lettering displaying the date and the mint mark is not a new thing on a global scale, but apparently, it was a new thing to the US mint when they first started minting these coins!

There were some problems getting the edge lettering right on first two presidents (George Washington and John Adams). Very, very few of these coins were made with the edge lettering missing.
The one with Washington catalogs for $30 and up, while the one with John Adams, made later in the process when the mint workers were starting to make fewer mistakes, is quite rare and catalogs for $100 and up.

In addition to this, (perhaps this is part of the explanation?) some of the John Adams coins were double-struck on the edges. That is, they will have two sets of edge lettering overlapping each other. These catalog for about $30 and up.

However, don't get your hopes up. It is not known how many of these were minted, but given that they catalog for thirty times face value, it is safe to say that this error is very rare.

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