Token: US Cent with Masonic Counterstamp  1959 to Date
Token: US Cent with Masonic Counterstamp 1959 to Date

Christina - your coin seems to be a novelty item produced by stamping a common US penny with these masonic symbols of both sides.

If you look closely at the coin, you should still be able to see part of the old design behind the masonic symbolism.

There are several different varieties of these coins-turned-tokens. Some have a dagger, some have a compass-and-square, some have an antique pistol, some have an obelisk or monument, others yet have a star like in the picture - there is also a variant where one side is only stamped with a written inscription. There are probably more varieties out there than those we have listed here.

Sometimes, the counter-stamp is raised instead of incuse, like in our secondary image, where it is also a lot smaller, and only has a design on one side of the coin.

These coins/tokens are pretty common. Looking at completed listings on eBay, they commonly sell for around $1 US dollar.

The variants with a raised design and with one side being only text are less common, and usually sell for a bit more than the incuse variants.

Coin: 14432 , Genre: United States
Requested by: Christina hall, Thu, 02-May-2013 19:05:41 GMT
Answered by: Chris, Sun, 05-May-2013 13:00:23 GMT
Requester description: 1600 First side starts with the year as 16.. The other 2 numbers cannot be made out. Then it says in god we trust and libe. It has a odd symbol kind of like a dager but wider. The other side has the Masonic g symbol. And says united states of America. One cent
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