Israel 1 Agora, and 5 and 10 Agorot  1985 to Date
Israel 1 Agora, and 5 and 10 Agorot 1985 to Date

All Israeli coins are modern coins. This 10 agorot coin is worth less than $1 US dollar. A collector might pay a few US dollars for a fully uncirculated piece. These coins are made of aluminum-bronze.

All coins have the denomination in a square pattern. The 10 agorot has the menorah on the back as shown. The 1 and 5 agorot coins have a sea vessel with oars and an image of an ancient coin on the back, respectively. All coins are low value.

Coin: 14499 , Genre: Modern
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Requester description: Hebrew writing then it says Israel with picture of 7 stick candle holder on top of what seems to look like land/ other side is more Hebrew writings and what looks like the word 'ACOROT' 10
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i have this coin! with that hebrew writing!

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