Turkey 25, 100, 250, and 500 Kurus  1943 to Date
Turkey 25, 100, 250, and 500 Kurus 1943 to Date

While big, bold, and beautiful, these coins are somewhat modern without a strong collector following. In the Standard Catalog of World Coin they are listed as 'gold bullion coinage.'

In circulated condition, they carry pretty much bullion value. Small collector premiums can be added for uncirculated coins (see below).

All coins are dated 1923. The number below the date is the number of years since 1923 that the coin is dated. Alexandra's coins, with a 23 below the 1923, is dated 1946.

25 KURUS: 15 mm diameter, 0.0532 troy ounces gold
50 KURUS: 17 mm, 0.1064 ounces gold
100 KURUS: 22 mm, 0.2127 ounces
250 KURUS: 26 mm, 0.5318 ounces
500 KURUS: 34 mm, 1.064 ounces

Using a site like, we can calculate the gold value of these coins. At approximately $1180 US dollars per troy ounce at the time of this writing, each 500 kurus coin has a precious metal value of $1180 x 1.0637 = $1255. Not too shabby!

Remember to look up the current gold value using the link provided above - it changes from day to day.

You can add small collector premiums to coins that are perfectly, absolutely uncirculated. Unless your coin has been in a protective holder since it left the mint, it is not uncirculated.

25 kurus: add $5 premium
50 kurus: add $20
100 kurus: add $50
250 kurus: add $100
500 kurus: add $200

A dealer would charge a fee to buy the coin from you as gold bullion. This is necessary to keep his or her business afloat.

A scratched, cleaned or holed coin will only be worth the gold content, even if it is fully uncirculated.

Coin: 14507 , Genre: Islamic Hindu Buddhist
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Requester description: 1923 Inscriptions read Turkiye Cumhuriyeti 1923 and 23 below the 1923. Allthis is surrounded by a wreath. Back reads Hakimiyet Milletindir and Ankara below bust of man.
Tags: turkey 25 100 250 500 kurus kurush turkish turks cumhuriyeti turkiye cumhiriyeti cummuriyeti kuru inscriptions monogram wreath hakimiyet milletindir man script inscription letter monograms initial scripts initals calligraphy caligraphy letters lettering scrip lettered initials wreathed rief reif reef wreathe wreat garland wreth wreah wreaths male mens mans inonu ribbon grain wheat grains wheatie wheats


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