Turkey 500 Kurush  1902
Turkey 500 Kurush 1902

Here is a magnificent gold coin from the 26th year of the reign of Abdul Hamid II in Turkey. The inaugural year is 1293AH (1876 on Western calendars) shown in eastern Arabic numerals on the side with the Arabic script. The other side with the elaborate flag pattern contains the reign year of 26. The coin is dated 1902AD. Other Turkish gold coins with year 1293AH appear at this CoinQuest link (click here).

This is a large coin, a full 50 mm in diameter, containing 1.034 troy ounces of gold.

To figure value, first get the base gold value by multiplying the current price of gold by 1.034. At this writing, gold is trading at $1385 US dollars per ounce, so the base gold value is 1.034 x 1385 = $1432. Tomorrow the value of gold will be different, and so will the base gold value.

If your coin is in good condition, you can add a collector premium to the base value (BV) like this:

worn or damaged: BV + $0
average circulated: BV + $300
well preserved: BV + $500
fully uncirculated: BV + $1000

CoinQuest thanks Baldwin's for use of their coin photo. It is a beautiful coin!

Coin: 14649 , Genre: Islamic Hindu Buddhist
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