Token ~ Jeton: Germany Budo-Werk Schwenningen Sammelmarke  1920 to 1930
Token ~ Jeton: Germany Budo-Werk Schwenningen Sammelmarke 1920 to 1930

Budo-Werk Schwenningen is a company in Germany that exists to this day, located in the city of Freiburg-im-Breisgau, in the state of Baden-Wurttemberg.

These collector's tokens ('sammelmarken') were issued in the early twenties, privately minted by this company. It can be assumed that they were used as small change during a time when the country had just lost a major war and was facing economical difficulties.

This would make these a kind of 'notgeld tokens' - unofficially issued coins in a local community not authorized by an official institution. Notgeld, or 'emergency money' was common after the first World War in Germany, when coinage in some areas was scarce. Click to this CoinQuest page for more info on notgeld.

These coins catalog at approximately these values.
worn: $3 US dollars
average circulated: $8
well preserved: $18
fully uncirculated: $30

Issues such as scratches, gouges, corrosion, and stains will lower the value of the token. Be sure to read the 'Important Terminology' page on the left-hand side to interpret these catalog values.

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