World Valuable Coins (All Countries)  1948 to Date
World Valuable Coins (All Countries) 1948 to Date

Almost every coin dated after World War II, unless it is made of gold or silver, is worth face value, nothing more. This applies to all coins from all countries worldwide, with very few exceptions. No circulating coins today contain gold or silver, although there are plenty of non-circulating coins that do. Non-circulating coins are often proof coins which are bought and sold in special packaging. However, most modern coins, even from exotic places, are basically worth face value except in a few special instances, explained below. Perhaps your coin is special, we hope it is.

CHECK YOUR COIN against the list below. If it satisfies one or more of the following criteria, then it is valuable:

- It is made of gold or silver
- It has fantastic eye appeal
- It is very collectible, beautiful, or intriguing
- It is a special variety
- It has exceptionally low mintage
- It carries extremely high numismatic grade

Hope you have a valuable one!

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Requester description: 2002 sac dollar made of gold -- indian girl with papoose
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