Token ~ Jeton: Great Britain Conder Anglesey Mines  1787 to 1797
Token ~ Jeton: Great Britain Conder Anglesey Mines 1787 to 1797

These tokens were minted in penny and half penny denominations, and came with various patterns. The definitive feature is the Druid head on the front. Monograms fill the back of most coins. These coins were payable in London, Liverpool, or Anglesey.

The Anglesey Mining Company is still in operation today (click here). They have a big facility at Parys Mountain in Wales and the PMC monogram indicates that the pictured coin was issued by the Parys Mountain Company to pay its workers and for general circulation as well.

The coin in our primary picture is a superb specimen of one of the more common varieties. It sold for 250 pounds, or about $380 US dollars, by Dix Noonan Webb. Less desirable specimens would sell for much less. The one in our secondary picture sold for about $20 US dollars. If you get the idea that coin collectors are willing to pay for high quality, you are correct!

Each token stands on its own merits. Very approximate catalog values are:

worn: $20 US dollars approximate catalog value
average circulated: $60
well preserved: $150
fully uncirculated: $500

Our Terminology page explains how catalog values work. Please read the page. It might surprise you.

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