Medal: Mexico (City of Juarez) Centennial Anniversary  1959
Medal: Mexico (City of Juarez) Centennial Anniversary 1959

In total, thirty-seven different medals were struck to commemorate the 100 years anniversary of the Mexican city of Juaréz ('CIUDAD JUARÉZ' or 'C. JUAREZ' on the coin).

Each medal featured a different person who had been an influence in the early history of the city.

The gold medal in our primary picture was sold by Stack's for $632 US dollars.

The silver medal in our secondary picture was sold on web auction for $39.

The brass medal in our third picture sold for just $4.

These sales prices provide a good basis for catalog values for these medals. Use a website such as to find current precious metal values. They change every day.

GOLD (0.486 troy ounces), 42 grams:
circulated: current gold bullion value
fully uncirculated: add $100 collector's premium

SILVER: (0.655 troy ounces), 22 grams:
circulated: current silver bullion value
fully uncirculated: add $30 collector's premium

worn: $1
average circulated: $2
well preserved: $4
fully uncirculated: $8

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Requester description: 1659 III Centenario Dr C. Juarez, Chih. 1659-1959
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