Medal: Iran (Pahlavi, Jewish Community)  1966
Medal: Iran (Pahlavi, Jewish Community) 1966

I agree it is unusual to see Arabic and Hebrew writing on the same object, but the Jewish Community in Iran struck this medal in honor of Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi whose reign started in 1941, preceded by his father Reza Shah Pahlavi who started 1925. An Islamic Revolution led by Ruhollah Khomeini put an end to the Pahlavi Dynasty in 1979. 1966 is the 25th year of Mohammad's reign.

(For a coin with English, Arabic, and Hebrew, click to this CoinQuest link).

As far as I know, this medal was struck in 1966 with both bronze and gold versions. There might be a silver version, but I am not sure about that.

worn: $20 US dollars approximate catalog value
average circulated: $50
well preserved: $100
fully uncirculated: $250

GOLD (1.15 troy ounces gold)
circulated: $1500 US dollars approximate catalog value
fully uncirculated: $2500

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Coin: 14793 , Genre: Medals
Requested by: Evan, Fri, 28-Jun-2013 19:44:22 GMT
Answered by: Paul, Sat, 29-Jun-2013 03:18:44 GMT
Last review by CoinQuest: Sun, 14-Jun-2015 19:53:26 GMT
Requester description: Coin has a young man in profile facing left with Arabic writing on one side and a menorah with Hebrew writing around it on the other side. Reeded edge. I cant read Arabic or Hebrew, but I could see the number 25 on the hebrew side in the middle of the writing, which may be an anniversary or a denomination. I cant see anything I can recognize as a date or mint mark. I have never seen a coin with hebrew on one side and arabic on the other.
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