Czechoslovakia 10 and 25 Korun  1954
Czechoslovakia 10 and 25 Korun 1954

Look at this cool coin. Man, I really enjoy toned coins. But I am different than most. Most collectors prefer full white silver coins. Not me. To me, toning adds pzazz!

With that commentary aside, Jennifer has a 10 korun silver coin from the Peoples Republic of Czechoslovakia. The Peoples Republic was preceded by the Republic of Czechoslovakia and followed by the Socialist Republic of Czechoslovakia. Today it's two nations: the Czech Republic and the Republic of Slovakia.

The 10 and 25 korun coins carry the same pattern but with different sizes and weights:

10 KORUN: 30 mm diameter, 0.193 troy ounces silver
25 KORUN: 34 mm diameter, 0.257 troy ounces silver

The Base Value (BV) of these coins is equal to their silver value. Multiply the current price of silver by 0.193 or 0.257 to find BV. Today silver is trading at $19.70 US dollars per troy ounce, so the BV of a 25 korun is 0.257 x 19.70 = $5.06. Tomorrow the price of silver will change, and so will the BV. Look it up.

When one of these coins is in fully uncirculated condition, you can add a small premium to the BV for collector appeal. Here are some guidelines:

worn: add $0 to BV
average circulated: add $0
well preserved: add $4
fully uncirculated: add $10

worn: add $0 to BV
average circulated: add $1
well preserved: add $5
fully uncirculated: add $15

Coin: 14811 , Genre: Orthodox and Slavic
Requested by: Jennifer Montgomery, Mon, 01-Jul-2013 01:09:53 GMT
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Requester description: 1954 Republika Ceskoslovenska with lion crest on front A 10 on the back with a man with gun on shoulder with date at bottom of back of 1944- 29.8 -1954 10
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