Medieval Italy (Florence) John the Baptist Silver Grosso
Medieval Italy (Florence) John the Baptist Silver Grosso

The fleur de lis of Florence, Italy, appears on this old silver coin. These were minted in the 1400s and 1500s so it is quite amazing to hold one in your hand.

There are several variations of this silver coin, and each coin stands on its own merits. Here are some very rough ideas of catalog value:

worn: $100 US dollars approximate catalog value
average circulated: $150
well preserved: $450

Our Important Terminology page describes how to interpret catalog values.

There is a gold version of this coin at this link (click here), which is often counterfeited. We are not sure about silver counterfeits, but they probably exist.

Coin: 14831 , Genre: Central Europe North South
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Requester description: This coin appears to be the same as Italy (Florence) Florin d'Or John the Baptist, but is silver. Has these markings: FLORENTIA (Florence) S (Saint) IOANNES (John) B (Baptist) unknown
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