Ancient Rome Hadrian and Aeternitas Dupondius (WRL reproduction) (Counterfeit)  117AD to 138AD
Ancient Rome Hadrian and Aeternitas Dupondius (WRL reproduction) (Counterfeit) 117AD to 138AD

Calum -- The SC on your coin stands for Senatus Consulto, the respected authorization of the Senate of ancient Rome. In all probability you have a coin of Hadrianus, Roman Emperor from 117 to 138AD, with Aeternitas, Roman goddess of eternity on the reverse side.

The coin in our picture comes from Lanz Auctions where it sold for about $160 US dollars back in 2003. The value would be about twice that today.

As it stands, however, Calum has a reproduction of the Hadrian dupondius. The WRL initials are the give-away. The letters stand for Westair Reproductions Limited. This is not a clandestine manufacturer of counterfeits; it is a leading producer of high-quality reproductions sold at museums, castle gift shops, etc.

A nice replica coin like this might sell for one US dollar to the right buyer. Keep in mind that it is only a novelty piece, produced in modern times.

Coin: 14836 , Genre: Ancient
Requested by: Calum, Thu, 04-Jul-2013 16:41:36 GMT
Answered by: Paul, Fri, 20-Sep-2013 00:39:22 GMT
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Requester description: Front side: Foreign letters (AETERNITAS) woman holding crowned head in one hand and something in the other. The marks 'SC' on either side of the woman. Looks like she's wearing a turban of some sort. Also the mark of WRL. Back side: Much more foreign letters but much smaller to read, the mark of WRL again. A man with a beard with some sort of helmet or hat on, you can only see down to his neck. He has curly hair. The coin isn't perfectly round however I'm certain it should be a circle.
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