US Platinum Eagle ($100)  1997 to Date
US Platinum Eagle ($100) 1997 to Date

These bullion coins are valuable because of their precious metal content and artistic beauty - not because of their scarcity.

They contain, as it says on the coin, one troy ounce of platinum. Currently, one ounce of platinum is trading at $1339 US dollars. Look up the current value at a site such at - it changes every day.

Coins that do not have any scratches, ugly fingerprints, spots, stains or other problems will be worth a bit more. Add $200 or so to the bullion value if your coin is fully uncirculated. Extremely nice specimens that have been professionally graded and encapsulated can sell at prices up to $700 over the bullion value.

We have a full-length article about investing in coins like this at this link (click here).

Coin: 14837 , Genre: United States
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Requester description: 2004 Liberty 2004 w in god we trust E Pluribus unum (reverse) United States of America 1 oz. $100 ]9995 Platinum 100 US Dollars
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