Italy 200 Lire  1977 to 2002
Italy 200 Lire 1977 to 2002

That's aluminum-bronze, Tiara, not gold. If your 200 lire coin from italy were made of gold, it would be worth a bundle. But aluminum-bronze is essentially worthless and so are the coins in a collector's eye, unless they are fully uncirculated.

The patterns of modern 200 lire change a lot. Some years have one pattern, other years have other patterns. All are worth face value unless fully uncirculated. A fully uncirculated coin might be worth a few US dollars.

From time to time the Italian mint issues a 200 lire coin in silver. These, indeed, are valuable. They are issued in special packaging and sold to collectors. If you have one of these, they are worth their weight in silver. Here are the pre-2000 dates of silver 200 lire:

1988R: Medieval student (our second picture)
1989R: Soccer
1989R: Columbus
1991R: Wolf (0.242 ounces)
1993R: Minting coins with a hammer

The silver coins contain 0.134 troy ounces of silver, except for the 1991 which contains 0.242 ounces. Multiply by the current price of silver (look it up on to get the coin's value.

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