Medal: US Nevada Dollar  1876 to 1976
Medal: US Nevada Dollar 1876 to 1976

This is a valuable old 'so-called dollar' medal from the International Exhibition of 1876 in Philadelphia. The circulated, nicely toned example in our picture comes from Goldberg Auctions where it sold for $357 US dollar back in 2007. Medals that are less circulated with good eye appeal would sell for two or three times that amount.

worn: $150 US dollars approximate catalog value
average circulated: $300
well preserved: $500
fully uncirculated: $1000

Only 2526 medals were struck during the Exhibition, and they sold for $1.25 each, a ton of money back then. Congratulations, Arron, on your great coin, and thanks to Goldberg Auctions for use of their photo.

There are similar medals struck in 1976 with the guarded Liberty bell design on the front and a different pattern on the back. These are common and sell for a few dollars.

Coin: 14848 , Genre: Medals
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Requester description: 1876 Made from Nevada ore at international Exhibition All for our country Let god be with as he was with our fathers centennial 1776 - 1876 Nevada Continental and Civil War soldiers guard Liberty Bell. Rev. Nevada mining scene, struck from Nevada ore crushed at Philadelphia's International Exhibition. Rich blue-gray and gold toning.
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