US Colonial Vermont Coppers  1785 to 1788
US Colonial Vermont Coppers 1785 to 1788

On January 15th 1777, six months after the declaration of independence of the original thirteen states was signed, Vermont declared itself as an independent republic. It remained so until it became the 14th state of the union on March 4th, 1791.

As the first local territory with the authority to produce coins, Vermont issued a series of copper denominations. They are scarce, and most specimens you see today are well worn.

Genuine coins can have the following measurements:

- 7.70 grams, 27.3 mm in diameter (portrait)
- 7.18 grams, 27.2 mm in diameter (portrait)
- 7.04 grams, 26.9 mm in diameter (portrait)
- 7.17 grams, 27.7 mm in diameter (portrait)
- 8.70 grams, 27.1 mm in diameter (landscape)

These are the weights and diameters of five specimens that are known to be genuine.

This, and much more information, can be found on The University of Notre Dame's excellent website that deals with these coins.

The inscriptions on the portrait coins are 'AUCTORI : VERMON' and 'INDE : ET : LIB' followed by the date.

The inscriptions on the landscape coins are ' VERMONTENSIUM . RES . PUBLICA' followed by the date, and 'STELLA . QUARTA . DECIMA .'

Here are some catalog values for these coins:
worn: $100 US dollars approximate catalog value
average circulated: $400
well preserved: $2500

For coins dated 1785, multiply the above values by 3.

There are some varieties which have higher values:
- Coins dated 1785 with the inscription 'IMMUNE COLUMBIA' catalog at $5000 even when worn
- Coins dated 1787 with the bust looking left catalog at $4000 when worn
- Coins dated 1788 with a backwards C in 'AUCTORI' catalog at $4500 when worn (hope you've got this one, Matthew!)

As always, beware of reproductions and counterfeits. The values quoted on this page are all catalog values - refer to the 'Important Terminology' page on the top left in order to properly interpret these values.

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