Germany Silesia-Liegnitz-Brieg 3 Kreuzer  1668 to 1670
Germany Silesia-Liegnitz-Brieg 3 Kreuzer 1668 to 1670

What an amazing coin, Ernie! These small silver denominations were issued by the old German state of Silesia-Liegnitz-Brieg, written on the coin as 'SIL', 'LIGNIC', and 'BREGENS', respectively.

The person on the coin is Christian, Duke of Brieg, who lived from 1618 to 1672. Christian was a noble of the House of Piast - a family which had earlier ruled Poland, and can be traced back to the mid-10th century.

The coin in our picture is from Beast Coins, a seller in Florida that specializes in rare and exotic coins. His coin is 21-22 millimeters in diameter, and weighs 1.59 grams. It is being sold for $65, which is a great price for such a coin, which would grade just above 'well preserved'.

The catalogs report the same values for all three dates of these coins:
worn: $10 US dollars approximate catalog value
average circulated: $30
well preserved: $70
fully preserved: $150

A coin that is bent, scratched or poorly cleaned will be worth less. Your slightly concave coin, Ernie, is probably not damaged. These coins were produced with a rolled flan, which means that hot piece of silver was rolled with the blacksmithing equivalent of a rolling pin. Sometimes, this would produce a slightly concave flan as the metal cooled down, and the tension would warp the coin slightly. This is not a perfect example of a coin, but it should not reduce the value.

As always, refer to our 'Important Terminology' page in order to properly understand what the term 'catalog value' means.

Coin: 14870 , Genre: Central Europe North South
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Requester description: 1669 Obverse: christianus d g dux sil. Portrait with denomination 3 under in a ring. Reverse: eagle flanked at its feet with letters C on left and B on right side. Crown above head. Text: LIGNIC BREGENS & WOLAV 1669 Coin is slightly concave.
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