US Trade Dollar (Counterfeit)  1870 and 1871
US Trade Dollar (Counterfeit) 1870 and 1871

If your coin looks like our picture, Esmie, it is a counterfeit of a US trade dollar. Genuine trade dollars were minted between 1873 and 1885. US trade dollars dated 1870 and 1871 are fakes

Our picture comes from The Black Cabinet, a part of If you click there, you will get lots of information about this coin and about fakes in general.

Coin: 14956 , Genre: United States
Requested by: esmie, Fri, 19-Jul-2013 12:10:18 GMT
Answered by: Paul, Fri, 27-Jun-2014 13:40:18 GMT
Reviewed by CoinQuest. Appraisal ok., Sun, 05-Jul-2015 17:54:09 GMT
Requester description: 1871 united states of america 420 grains 900 fine s. trade dollar statue of liberty sitting down on the other side 420 GRAINS 900 FINE
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I have a 1871 coin I thought it was a fake not by the picture but by the weight For a silver coin of this size it should feel much heavier in the hand - Mitchell
Mitchell - no trade dollars were struck in 1871. Any trade dollar dated 1871 is automatically fake, since no real ones exist. The first genuine trade dollar was struck in 1873. The 1871 fakes commonly weigh about 19 to 20 grams, while a real coin (dated 1873 or later) would weigh just above 27 grams. - CoinQuest (Chris)

Yes, it is a counterfeit (it has the 1873 eagle reverse).
But a real coin exists for 1871, because pattern coins were produced. - Don Dfoofnik
I think your coin is a fake or a replica after a pattern trade dollar 1871. Try to see if is magnetic. The fake coin looks like this:(click here) and it worth nothing. The authentic coin looks like this: (click here). - CoinQuest (Andrei)




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