China Chihli Pei Yang Arsenal Dollar Year 23 (Fakes are possible)  1897
China Chihli Pei Yang Arsenal Dollar Year 23 (Fakes are possible) 1897

Okay Roland, hold on now. The coin in our picture sold at auction for, are you ready? $7170 US dollars. (Thanks to Stack's Bowers for use of their coin image.)

These coins are very rare. They were minted in the Chinese province of Chihli (also spelled 'Zhili'), which had existed since medieval China until parts of it were assigned to bordering provinces in 1928, and the remaining portion was renamed the Hebei province. Pei Yang indicates the mint and is sometimes referred to as the Pei Yang Arsenal mint in Tientsin (Tianjin). These coins, due to their rarity and value, are very often counterfeited. There is a terrific page on these magnificent coins over at DragonDollar. Be sure to look.

Our primary picture at the top of the page shows a genuine coin, and our secondary picture at the bottom shows a counterfeit coin. Genuine coins are worth thousands of dollars, while fakes are worth zero. There are also fakes with 'twenty second' and 'twenty fourth' years.

A museum-quality replica in beautiful condition might sell at a couple dollars to a keen collector. Sometimes a coin is so rare that, if you want to be able to hold it in your hand and admire it, you have to resort to a modern replica. There is a small collector following of these. However, shoddily produced Chinese fakes are heavily shunned in the community.

Such counterfeits will normally be sand cast, and show countless tiny pits in the fields, as well as granulation around small details such as in the nooks and crannies of letters. This is caused when the sand used is not fine enough, so that some detail is lost to single larger grains of sand. These copies are worth zero.

Coin: 14983 , Genre: The Sinosphere
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I have 3 coins , someone is interested in buying ?
- Fernando Galicia
We do not support buying and selling coins from the comments. Instead, you can take out a free advertisement on this site and try to sell your coins that way. Our buy and sell questionnaire has a lot of detail which you must fill in as the seller. Click the 'Buy and Sell' button. - CoinQuest (Paul)

I have 4 coins I'm trying to find info about. I live in the Orlando Fla area. Can you give me any info on where I could take these to be looked at. One is the 24th year of Kwang Hse and one is the 34th year of Kuang Hsu. The 34th year has a hole in the center, both are from the Pfi Yang Arsenal. MY dad was in the China Marines I believe and he left them to me. Any info would be helpful. Thanks - Fred Richard
That sounds pretty exciting, Fred. If they are genuine, your coins are very valuable. However, counterfeit Chinese coins are all over the place, so you need an honest and skilled coin dealer (or two, or three) to come up with accurate values. Go to the PNG Dealers web page [PRESS HERE] to find top-notch coin dealers in your area. - CoinQuest (Paul)





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