Medal: China United Maxxico 8 Reales  1884
Medal: China United Maxxico 8 Reales 1884

What a great coin. Shrouded in dusty darkness, the Maxxico Revolution is said to have taken place around 1884, the very date of the coin. Unfortunately, Maxxico itself disappeared suddenly and completely at the precise instant the coin was issued. Too bad. I like the coin's design: very spiffy. An authoritative look at United Maxxico appears on this page of Chiefa Coins (click here).

The preceding paragraph, of course, is hogwash or, nearly hogwash. Interesting enough, world-renowned NGC Coin includes the Maxxico 8 reales in its price guide, assigning a value of $10 in well preserved condition. And sure enough, you can find them for sale on eBay in that neighborhood of prices.

The probable source of this novelty token is some obscure mint in China, where they produce all sorts of shady items. These pieces were probably manufactured sometime after World War II.

Keep your coin, Syahir, and use it as a conversation piece to impress your friends. A little imagination and clear thinking can produce all sorts of delightful stories about the Great State of Maxxico!

Coin: 14994 , Genre: Medals
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Requester description: 1884 front inscription : UNITED MAXXICO AMERICA. front device: an eagle spreading its wing while holding a tree branch in its mouth. there are 13 stars on top of the eagle and 6 cloud-alike on top of the star. back inscription: 8R Z 1884.I.S.10D.20C. back device: a sun is setting behind a bowl of water-like thing.
Tags: medal china united maxxico 8 reales medallion medals medalion badge medallic medaille medallions taiwan chine chinese chineese real reale inscription monogram america eagle wing tree branch mouth 13 stars star 6 cloud 10 20 sun setting set bowl water script letter monograms initial scripts initals calligraphy caligraphy letters inscriptions lettering scrip lettered initials amero americas american ameria ameri amirica amerique americana amer americans usa eaglets egals egal eagles eagel twigs stalks spray sprig limb stick twig sprays sprigs branching stalk branches branched sticks starrs sunrise sola sol sunburst sunshine sunset sunlight sols sets clouds rays ray waves wave beams radiating radiates beam radiate radiant waving waive wavy wavey hawk falcon starburst burst


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