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Israel 1 Lira  1958
Israel 1 Lira 1958

That is a 1 lira coin from Israel, Dylan. Since it is a modern coin and since it is made of non-precious copper-nickel, it carries very low value. If you can find one in fully uncirculated condition, a collector might pay a few US dollars to add it to his or her collection.

Coin: 14998 , Genre: Modern
Requested by: dylan, Mon, 22-Jul-2013 23:29:20 GMT
Answered by: Paul, Tue, 23-Jul-2013 13:54:12 GMT
Requester description: 1958 it has jewish writing and on the back it show a manorah and then 2 stars below it but there not the star of david or i dont think they are.
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