Medal: Great Britain Coronation George VI  1937
Medal: Great Britain Coronation George VI 1937

What you have is a coronation medal from the crowning of king George VI at Westminster on May 12th 1937. Elizabeth 'the Queen Mother' is seen on the other side. Their daughter Elizabeth II became queen of the United Kingdom when George VI died in 1952.

These medals have some decent values when they are in great condition. The one in the picture sold at web auction for a price of 5.77 pound sterling, or $8.95 US dollars.

This corresponds to a catalog value of about $15 for fully uncirculated medals. If you have one that is circulated but still decent looking, expect a catalog value of $7 or so, and perhaps $4 from a collector.

A damaged or cleaned coronation medal will be worth zero, unless it is made of silver. In this case, it will be worth the silver it contains. Take the medal to a coin shop or a jeweler who will be able to determine the metal it is made of and weigh it on a highly accurate scale.

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Requester description: 1937 georger vi crowned 12may1937 reverse: queen elizabeth 12 may 1937 with picture think it commemorative
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