Switzerland 5 Batzen  1799 to 1802
Switzerland 5 Batzen 1799 to 1802

Wow, Phil! It doesn't matter if your coin is worn - these nice, large silver coins from Switzerland are quite valuable in any condition. They feature an intriguing design with a standing knight holding a flag on one side, with the legend 'HELVETISCHE REPUBLIK' - 'Helvetic Republic'.

This republic was a short-lived attempt to create a central government to exercise authority over the many independent cantons that until then made up much of the area that is now known as the country of Switzerland.

Catalog values for common dates are given below:
worn: $35 US dollars approximate catalog value
average circulated: $110
well preserved: $200
fully uncirculated: $375

Coins dated 1799 with the 'S' mintmark (found below the word 'BATZEN') are scarce, multiply the above values by 2
Coins dated 1802 are rare and catalog at $550 when average circulated, $1500 when well preserved

Damaged coins will be worth less. Phil mentions that his coin is worn, has a stain, tainted eye-appeal and un-even toning. However, it has an interesting off-center strike, which gives the coin 'personality'. A collector may pay $20 to $25 for a coin like this.

Be sure to read out 'Important Terminology' page on the top left in order to properly interpret the catalog values found on this page.

Coin: 15186 , Genre: Central Europe North South
Requested by: Phil, Tue, 13-Aug-2013 18:28:59 GMT
Answered by: Paul, Wed, 14-Aug-2013 11:44:27 GMT
Last review by CoinQuest: Fri, 31-Jul-2015 02:27:18 GMT
Requester description: 1800 Obverse -Helvetische Republik. Man with sword and flag 5 BATZEN within circled garland.- All coin details seem off centre. Part of rim on left edge seems worn down.
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