Sweden 1 Riksdaler and 1/6 Riksdaler  1792 to 1809
Sweden 1 Riksdaler and 1/6 Riksdaler 1792 to 1809

Gustav IV Adolf was a king of Sweden who reigned from 1778 until 1809, when he voluntarily abdicated following a coup d'etat staged by the commander of his western army. The king died in 1839, in exile at a hotel in Switzerland under the fake name of Colonel Gustafsson, in great loneliness and desperation.

These coins are denominated as one riksdaler and one-sixth of a riksdaler, and their values are pretty high when it comes to coins which have not suffered too much wear and tear over the years.

Approximate catalog values are outlined below:

1/6 RIKSDALER (23 mm diameter)
worn: $12 US dollars approximate catalog value
average circulated: $35
well preserved: $90
fully uncirculated: $800
1/6 riksdalers dated 1805 and 1806 catalog at $60 in average circulated condition
1/6 riksdalers dated 1800 are scarce and catalog at $100 in average circulated and $160 in well preserved condition

1 RIKSDALER (42 mm diameter)
worn: $40 US dollars approximate catalog value
average circulated: $200
well preserved: $400
fully uncirculated: $1200
1 riksdalers dated before 1800 are somewhat more valuable, cataloging around $350 in average circulated condition

The coin in our picture with pleasing rose-flame toning comes from Heritage Auctions were it sold for $600 US dollars in 2009. As always, CoinQuest thanks Heritage for use of their coin photo. It is a beautiful specimen.

Coins that are damaged, such as coins with a gouge, bent coins, or poorly cleaned coins will be worth much less than the values above, which are catalog values - refer to our 'Important Terminology' page on the top left in order to properly interpret these values.

Coin: 15207 , Genre: Central Europe North South
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Requester description: 1808 Obverse- Gustaf IV Adolph sv..g och v.konung. Bust facing right of young man in uniform with long hair. Reverse- GUD OCH FOLKET./6 Rd. 1808 o.l.3 crowns in centre surrounded by chain link garland with large crown at top. Reverse design is fractionally off centre. .6 Rd
Tags: sweden 1 riksdaler rigsdaler 6 sweidsh swweden sverige sweded swedish seeden riksdagens obverse gustaf gustav iv adolph sv och v konung koenig bust young man uniform hair gud folket 3 crowns crown chain garland wreath large fractionally fraction off offcenter anverse gustave koeni konigr coing koningrik koenigreich koningrujk kongung koningin koin koning koningrijk koningryk konge kongeriget koninkrijk koenigreigh koeing konig kongerike boy male mann boys mans uniforms hairdo hairline crowned tiara crwon crpwn tiarra crowning tiera greenery wreathed rief reif reef wreathe wreat wreth wreah wreaths larger largish fractional center centers centered earth globe ball circle ring circled encircle crrcle cirle circlet circles circlr circal citcle encircled ringed circumscibed cirlce circel encircles encircling rings circling cirlces circular cicurling circumscribed





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