China Peking Mint Dragon Coin Reproduction (Counterfeit)  1900
China Peking Mint Dragon Coin Reproduction (Counterfeit) 1900

These are exciting times for Chinese numismatics (coin collecting). All sorts of rare and exotic coins surface continually, sparking interest in avid collectors worldwide. The bad news, however, is that government-sponsored, or at least government-encouraged crooks, thieves, and shysters flood the market every day with counterfeits, replicas, and fantasy pieces, clouding all numismatic waters. It is just a wild guess on my part, but I'd venture that more than half of the Chinese coins you see today are fakes. An honest collector swims in a soupy mix of darkness and light. Beware.

More numismatic research is needed, and the country of China needs to grow up and become an honest player on the world stage. Until both of these are accomplished, the only recourse a collector has is to deal exclusively with top-notch, world-recognized numismatic firms. Baldwin's is one such firm, and the 20 cent piece from the Peking mint shown in our secondary picture (set on diagonal, with shading) sold for $22000 in a 2008 auction. CoinQuest thanks Baldwin's for use of their coin photo. A copper 10 cash from Peking sold for $4000 during 2010 in an auction by Ponterio and Associates, now Stack's Bowers.

Reputable web site has a few choice words on Peking coins and the fact that they are basically all fakes.

As for Syahir's coin, he probably has a modern replica like the one in our primary picture. These have been manufactured recently and are worth between $10 and $50 US dollars, depending on silver content, if any.

Coin: 15228 , Genre: The Sinosphere
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Requester description: front inscription: PEKING 7 MACE AND 2 CANDAREENS. front device: a dragon. back inscription: 4 chinese characters inside a circle of beads and 12 chinese characters outside the beads.
Tags: china peking mint dragon reproduction counterfeit taiwan chine chinese chineese mintmark mintmaster mintmarks dragons replica forger counterfet fake counterfiet reproductions repro counterfeits replicas forgery fakes inscription monogram 7 mace 2 candareens 4 characters character circle beads dot 12 script letter monograms initial scripts initals calligraphy caligraphy letters inscriptions lettering scrip lettered initials candarins candabeens canadareens candreens logograms logogram circled encircle circlet ring circles loops circal encircled circuit ringed circumscibed incircled circel circumference encircles encircling rings circling loop circular circumscribed beaded period dotted beading point periods dots points bead


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