Medal: Great Britain Edward VII and Alexandra Coronation  1902
Medal: Great Britain Edward VII and Alexandra Coronation 1902

That's Britannia, symbol of strength and virtue, gazing toward Westminster Abbey on the back, with King Edward VII and his wife, Queen Alexandra of Denmark. The King's sudden surgery caused the coronation to be postponed until August 9, but numbers of medals with the original date had already been sold.

The superb example in our picture comes from Stack's Bowers Galleries where it sold at auction for $175 in 2007. It is in such beautiful shape, it would be worth more today. Medals with more wear or inferior eye appeal are worth much less. Some typical examples are given on this CoinQuest page (click here).

The medal shown in our picture is struck in copper or bronze. Silver examples are also known. One such medal in well preserved condition sold for just under $50 in a 2006 auction. It would be worth a tad more today. Another medal in about the same condition, but with more appealing toning, sold for just over $110 in a 2014 auction.

These fantastic medals were struck by 'Elkington & Co.', a silver manufacturer operating out of Birmingham. They were designed by Emil Fuchs, a famous artist, medalist and sculptor active in the early 1900s. He painted countless pictures and made many sculptures depicting important and royal people, and many of his works are now displayed in prestigious museums.

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Requester description: 1901 ON ONE SIDE IS lady sitting down with a shield at her side looking at a castle . on the shield its got 26th june 1902just above the date the letters fhchs on the top is crown with leaves branching from either side on the revers theres a bust of a king & queen in a cameo effect with the words king dward vII & queen Alexandra date 1901 with the word e.fuchs
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