Germany Hamburg Schilling  1846 to 1855
Germany Hamburg Schilling 1846 to 1855

The old German State of Hamburg issued many beautiful coins over the years. This, however, is one of their more feeble and minimalistic attempts at elegant coinage!

The coin in the picture comes from Detlev Holscher and is in wonderful numismatic shape. It has very little wear, no spots, scratches, or discolorations, and it has not been cleaned by some well-meaning, but destructive, person. These factors maximize the coin's value to collectors.

Detlev has the coin on sale for about $15 US dollars, and this is a very fair price for such a coin (even a little low-priced, in my opinion). If your coin looks like this one, figure a retail value of $15. Were you to sell it to Detlev or any other reputable coin dealer, expect to receive $5 to $7 for your coin. The mark-up goes to cover dealer expenses.

The catalogs report that all the coins in this series, dated from 1846 through 1855, are all worth about the same amount.

approximate catalog values go like this:
worn: $2 US dollars approximate catalog value
average circulated: $8
well preserved: $15
fully uncirculated: $30

CoinQuest thanks Detlev Holscher for use of their coin image. It's a beauty!

If your coin is worn and you cannot read the date, try this trick. The 1846 issue has 5-pointed stars around the numeral '1', the 1851 issue has 6-pointed stars, while the 1855 issue has beaded borders.

In 1855, two issues were minted: one with and one without an A mint mark. The catalogs report similar values for both.

Coin: 1540 , Genre: Central Europe North South
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