Egypt 1/2 and 1 Millieme  1938 to 1950
Egypt 1/2 and 1 Millieme 1938 to 1950

The 1 millieme coins have two common dates and two better dates. Joe's coin, dated 1938, is a common date, along with 1950. A collector will pay around one US dollar for such a coin in decent condition, like the one in our picture. If you have a 1 millieme dated 1938 or 1950 in absolutely, fully uncirculated condition, with beautiful eye appeal, a collector might pay up to $5 to add it to his or her collection.

Now, the *better dates* for 1 milliemes are 1945 and 1947. Approximate catalog values for these dates are given below:

worn: $1 US dollar approximate catalog value
average circulated: $7
well preserved: $26
fully uncirculated: $50

The half millieme is no slouch for a modern coin. Here are some typical catalog values for all dates:

worn: $1 US dollar approximate catalog value
average circulated: $5
well preserved: $9
fully uncirculated: $18

Milliemes with 1938 and 1950 dates were also made in *proof* versions. These coins were carefully minted using special polished dies and exhibit an amazing contrast between the background, the 'field' of the coin, and the design and portrait. These coins will come in a mint packaging with a certificate of authenticity, or sometimes in a slab from a professional grading company. Do not trust a 'raw' coin to be a proof unless you are a seasoned collector.

These proof issues catalog at $120 for the 1938 date, and $85 for the 1950 date.

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Coin: 15400 , Genre: Islamic Hindu Buddhist
Requested by: Joe, Fri, 06-Sep-2013 16:54:47 GMT
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Requester description: 1938 Obverse has portrait of King Farouk with Arabic lettering on either side of his head. Reverse has the year in both the Muslim and Christian calendar in Arabic numerals, and the text 'Kingdom of Egypt' in Arabic. Slight corrosion near edges of lettering and portrait.
Tags: egypt 1 2 millieme egyption egyptian milliemes meliems king farouk arabic arab lettering monogram head year muslim islam christian christ calendar numerals numeral kingdom faruok arabesque aribic arabian arabia script inscription letter monograms initial scripts initals calligraphy caligraphy letters inscriptions scrip lettered initials moslem islamic caliphate christianvs christianus christianiss reginam regina regal regini reginaf kingdoms fez uniform uniforms hat cap headdress helmeted hood caps headband hooded helmet bonnet helmit helmets


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